Codify Is Improving

As of today, Codify offers two apps. Codify Updates and Codify Laws. Codify Updates is now a dedicated legislative alerts platform. The research component has been removed, making Updates an easy-to-use, customizable legislative alerts platform in its own right. Fill out a form with your preferences, and receive a daily or weekly legislative report. It's that simple. You can include keywords in these reports. Codify Laws is taking over the legislative research component of the platform that was previously under Codify Updates. The research component of our platform has expanded well beyond what the original vision intended. So, we rebuilt it. The result is a platform we know you'll love. If you want to research, review Bills & Regulations in detail, see items at a glance, use powerful filters, or find items across multiple jurisdictions, use Codify Laws. If you want simple notifications and legislative reports delivered straight to your inbox use Codify Updates.

Yes. If you are a paying user you'll receive your feeds as normal. If you are not a paying user you will now receive 1 free feed. Your other feeds will remain locked until you upgrade.

No. You'll need new logins. Simply go to the signup pages and sign up. We recommend using the same email you used for Codify previously. We apologize for the inconvenience.

There is still a free tier. For Codify Updates (our legislative alerts platform), you are entitled to 1 free weekly feed, customized the way you like. For Codify Laws (our legislative research platform), there is a free tier that gets you access to all 'Royal Assent' or 'Passed' Bills. If you want to access Regulations, or all Bill stages, you'll need to subscribe.

You can for a short while. But we are no longer updating data - meaning any new bills or regs, or any updates to existing items, will not appear here. If you need to stay abreast of the latest, updated data, please switch to Codify Laws, our new site ( For new feeds, please use the new Codify Updates platform ( If for some reason you still want to use the old platform you can visit . Note that the data will no longer be live and we will be permanently removing the old platform, shortly.

Contact and email us with any questions.

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